Thursday, July 24, 2008

Politics of the Spirit(s)

The question of faith and politics in American history is long, enduring, often highly-charged, and in many ways extraordinarily complex. And as the faith and faith tradition of the Oval Office's current occupant has received considerable attention, in this campaign season there of course have been many discussions about the faith of John McCain and Barack Obama (and previous Democratic contenders as well as Republican hopefuls).

Apparently both candidates have agreed to discuss their faith with well-known California pastor Rick Warren, as the Los Angeles Times and New York Times reports and as the Guardian details. While McCain's faith is the subject of some speculation--although as John Fea reports over at the Religion in American History blog he has spoken candidly--Obama has spoken openly about it, and there's even a book about the subject. And some even ask, "Is Barack Obama the Messiah?"

Whatever party one supports or doesn't support, and whatever candidate one supports or doesn't support, it seems that politics of the spirit(s) is the order of the day. It has a history, and for the foreseeable moments ahead, has a future too.

Any thoughts on the intersection of religion and politics as it pertains to the current Presidential race?

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